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Computer to TV Cable Solutions

Connect your Computer to your TV!

Watch your Computer on your TV? With the following cable solutions, simply look at what connections your Computer or Laptop has in the left hand column and what your TV has in the right hand column.

Each solution we offer, includes the video and audio (sound), so you can then enjoy your computers, videos, pictures, music, web video sites like BBC iPlayer and so on... on your television!

Have a quick look at your computer and TV now, then select the
kit 1 - 10 below, that best matches your equipment...
Connect your Laptop Computer to your LCD TV, Plasma TV or Older Television set!
Get help and choose from our Cables & Leads kits, solutions and options below!

What do the Green Quality Ticks Indicate?

We have even rated the picture quality you can expect to get when connecting your computer to your TV. 1 green tick means the picture will be fine for standard videos and music, 2 ticks means you will be able to use your Windows desktop, as you would with your computer monitor. 3 green ticks means that the picture quality will be excellent and offers you the best you can get, with the cables we provide for your TV. Our best solution for those with a VGA output and a HDMI input on their LCD TV or HD Monitor is our VGA to HDMI Converter, kit 12! Just add a HDMI cable and VGA cable and you are connected!

Our Computer to TV Tips!

1 - Check what connections your PC or Laptop has, compare them to the above guide.
2 - Check what connections your TV has and again refer to the above guide.
3 - Select the match that gives you the best quality (green ticks).
4 - Most of the solutions above, will then let you choose different cable lengths...
5 - Order online with Cables & Leads and let us deliver the solution to your door.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch, if in doubt or if you need any further assistance! One of our specialists, will be on hand to help get you and your computer and TV equipment connected!

Consider Connecting iPad to your TV?

Finding your Laptop or PC a little bulky these days? Have you considered connecting your iPad to your TV instead? Find out all you need to know on our page, How to Connect your iPad to TV.