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iPad to TV or Projector Audio Composite Video Cable

iPad to TV or Projector Audio Composite Video Cable

What is this Product?

Connect an iPad to your TV or Projectors (Yellow) Composite Video socket!
By Cables-Leads
Product Range No: 100132G
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 iPhone 3 4 Audio Video to TV or Projector Cable
Inc VAT: £22.49 Ex VAT: £18.74
3-4 Working Days

Product Features

  • Watch your iPad home video's on a TV or Projector
  • Enjoy your iTunes Movie / Programme Rentals on your TV, via your iPad!
  • Connects to the iPad Standard Dock Connector on the bottom of your iPad
  • Provides an audio and video connection to your TV or Projector.
  • Save a fortune compared to buying from Apple store!
  • Great for iPad & iPhone too.
  • Add a SCART adapter if your TV supports SCART input (see related items)

  • Please Note:
    Don't Pay £39 for this cable on the UK Apple store! Save yourself over £10 when buying from us!


    iPad to TV or Projector Audio Composite Video Cable>. Connect an iPad to your TV or Projectors (Yellow) Composite Video socket! Available from Cables & Leads.

    So you don't want to spend £100 on an Apple TV box, in order to connect your iPad to your TV or projector? We didn't think so. So what options do you have?

    Well with this iPad Dock to Audio Video Cable, you can connect it for a lot less!

    Allows you to connect your iPad to your TV and watch your iPad home video's or movies on the TV screen. The cable connects to the dock adapter on the bottom of your iPad and then branches out to the standard 3 x RCA Phono connectors your TV has. Yellow for composite video, red and white for stereo audio. These connections are on most TV sets, sometimes on the side or hidden behind a cover on the front. (Note: They can be referred too as a camcorder connection on a TV set.)

    Don't panic if your TV does not have a yellow, red and white connection. As long as your TV has a SCART input, you can connect this iPhone to TV video cable via a SCART adapter. See our related items for details.

    Once you have connected this cable to your iPad, you will need to make sure you have changed your iPad settings to enable 'TV out'. Check your iPad manual for details on how to do this. You can then sit back and enjoy your iPad films, pictures and of course music on your big screen TV. Plays video only in standard definition on your TV (Not HD).

    What can it play?

    At time of writing this can allow you to view your own Photos as a slideshow on your TV, videos you have taken, some rentals from the iTunes store and even some games support the TV out feature, like Real Racing! One of the best though is thanks to the BBC iPlayer App. You can use this to watch BBC iPlayer content on your TV. Other TV players are not supported (yet). Other Apps may support TV out, but check on the App store for details. The home screen cannot be shown on your TV though. This is down to Apple and its licensing restrictions.

    Need a Longer Cable?

    See related items for our range of 3 x RCA (Audio and Video) Extension Cables. You can then enjoy your connection from across the room. Just order the 3 RCA cable length you need. It's Easy when you know how!

    Note: Apple only permit the viewing of Photos, Videos and iTunes Movie Rentals on a third party TV or projector. Some apps do allow you to view them on a TV screen, if a particular app supports TV out. Please be aware that you cannot view your home screen with this cable (nor any other available on the market).

    Not suitable for Apple products with the New Smaller Lightning Dock Connector (EG: iPhone 5, iPad 4, iPad Mini) which came out in October 2012

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    Please check:

  • Please make sure your Projector supports a composite video input (RCA / Phono).
  • Audio can also be connected to a projector or home audio system.
  • Most TV sets have a 3 RCA Audio Video input, sometime on the side or rear.
  • Cable Length 1.4m (approx)
  • Not suitable for Apple products with the New Lightning Dock (iPhone 5,iPad 4,iPad Mini)

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